Energy Recovery Ventilators



Lossnay® energy recovery ventilators provide outdoor air solutions for indoor environmental quality.  Improved sound attenuation makes Lossnay® units quiet enough for places where silence is a must, such as meeting rooms and libraries. 

  • Full enthalpy heat exchange with minimal moving parts
  • Available with up to .50" external static pressure
  • Temperature energy recovery efficiencies up to 75% heating
  • Enthalpy recovery efficiencies as high as 69% heating and 53% cooling
  • Can be integrated into CITY MULTI Controls Network
Model Specifications
Power Source Voltage, Phase, Cycle 208-230V, 1 Phase, 60Hz
Capacity 1,200 ft³/min (34 m³/min)
Power Consumption 0.810-1.290 kW
Current 3.6-5.7 Ampere
Minimum Circuit Ampacity MCA 6.9 Ampere
Maximum fuse size (time delay) MOCP 15 Ampere
Sound Level (fan speed low-high-extra high) (230V) 32-39-41 dB (A)
Fan Speed (230V) Extra High - High - Low
Dimensions H x W x D Height 65-7/16 Inches (1662 mm)
Width 48-7/16 Inches (1230 mm)
Depth 31-1/2 Inches (800 mm)
Enthalpy Recovery Efficiency Heating (%) 67-62-62
Cooling (%) 51-44-44
Blower 9.625 Inches Diameter Centrifugal Fan
Motor Totally enclosed capacitor permanent split-phase induction motor, 4 poles, 2 units
Filter Type x Quantity Washable fiber x2
External static pressure (in. H2O) High 0.43 (in H2O)
Extra High 0.75 (in H2O)
Low 0.02 (in H2O)
Starting Current Under 14.0 A
Enthalpy recovery efficiency (%) Heating - Low 67
Heating - High 62
Heating - Extra High 62
Cooling - Low 51
Cooling - High 44
Cooling - Extra High 44
Temperature recovery efficiency (%) High 69
Extra High 69
Low 74
Operating Environment 14°F-104°F (-10°C-50°C), RH 80% or less
Minimum Circuit Capacity (MCC) (208/230V) 6.9 Ampere
Control Modes Delayed Operating Mode Time setting from HVAC controller for delayed on or off operation
Ventilation Mode Control By-pass Damper/Heat-Cool, By-pass, AUTO
Non-interlocked Mode Operates Independently
Interlocked Mode Operates with CITY Multi or M and P-Series
Air Volume #N/A
Energy Transfer Heat Exchange Material Partition, spacing plate-cellulose fiber membrane
Heat Exhange System Ait-to-air total heat (sensible heat + latent heat) exchange, no moving parts
Lossnay® Core
Temperature Recovery Efficiency % 74-69-69
Operating Environment - Minimum Cooling (Outdoor) 14°F-104°F (-10°C-50°C), RH 80% or less
Operating Environment - Maximum Cooling (Outdoor) 14°F-104°F (-10°C-50°C), RH 80% or less
Heat Exchanger Air-to-air total heat (sensible heat + latent heat) exchange, no moving parts
External Finish Galvanized steel sheet
Product Documents
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