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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating introduces enhancements to the Branch Circuit (BC) Controller, the technological center of CITY MULTI® R2-Series, R2-Series H2i®, and WR2-Series systems.  The BC Controller provides the system with simultaneous cooling & heating capabilities through the industry’s only two-pipe configuration, reducing installation time and material and preserving valuable space within the building.  A requirement for R2-Series installations, the BC Controller is available in multiple branch options, ranging from 5 branches to 16 branches.  The optimal BC Controller selection depends on the number of indoor units operated from each outdoor unit, along with total capacity requirements.  The use of a BC Controller with an R2-Series, R2-Series H2i, and WR2-Series CITY MULTI provides personalized comfort to building occupants along with operational efficiency gains.

  • Brazed connections lead to ease of installation.
  • Quiet operation of 40dB(a) under normal conditions
  • Delivers simultaneous cooling and heating, based on conditioning requirements, through its liquid-gas separator.
  • Saves compressor energy through the use of tube-in-tube heat exchangers to accomplish subcooling without sending refrigerant back to the outdoor unit.
  • Sizes range up to 16 individual branches on one BC Controller, or up to 48 branches on a system for ultimate zone control.
  • Branches can be twinned to allow for larger indoor connected capacity (up to 96,000 BTU/h).
  • Top panel accessibility provides quick access for service.
  • Each branch is equipped with a bypass valve, allowing indoor unit pressure to balance when switching between heating and cooling modes, leading to reduced system noise.
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