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Branch Circuit Controllers

BC Controllers


For use with CITY MULTI R2-/WR2-Series. The BC Controller works in unison with the outdoor unit to provide simultaneous cooling and heating. The single BC Controller is connected to the outdoor unit by two refrigerant pipes, and to each indoor unit by a series of two pipes, depending on the indoor unit count.

  • Each set of ports supports up to 54,000 Btu/h of capacity
  • Single BC Controller: used when only one BC controller is required, available in up to 16 ports (up to 120,000 Btu/h nominal cooling capacity)
  • Main BC Controller: for large systems, available in up to 16 ports (up to 288,000 Btu/h nominal cooling capacity) and when use of Sub BC Controllers is desired
  • Sub BC Controller: used with a Main BC controller to connect additional indoor units, available in up to 16 ports
  • A maximum of two Sub BC controllers can be connected to one Main BC Controller per system
Model Specifications
Power Source Voltage, Phase, Cycle 208 / 230V, 3-phase, 60Hz
Current Heating (208/230V) 0.32/0.29 Ampere
Cooling (208/230V) 0.66/0.60 Ampere
Minimum Circuit Ampacity MCA 1.04 Ampere
Maximum fuse size (time delay) MOCP 15 Ampere
Recommended Fuse/Breaker Size 1.04 Ampere
Net Weight 94 Lbs. (35 kg)
Field Drainpipe Size O.D. 1-1/4 Inches (32 mm)
Power Input Cooling (208/230V) 138 W (0.138 kW)
Max. Connected Capacity for All Branches 189000 Btu/h (55.4 kW)
Indoor Unit Capacity Connectable to One Branch 54,000 Btu/h or less per branch
Number of Branches 10
Connectable Outdoor Unit Model PURY-P72/96/120THMU-A(-BS), PURY-P72/96/120YHMU-A(-BS), PQRY-P72/96TGMU-A
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