Cooling-only Systems

P-Series AC



Cooling-only air conditioners with INVERTER-driven compressors for improved energy efficiency.  

  • INVERTER Technology for maximum energy-efficiency, precise temperature control and consistent comfort
  • Indoor unit powered by outdoor unit
  • Rugged housing, tough cabinet finish, strong welds at numerous stress points
  • Durable, aerodynamic fan design
  • Quiet cooling operation down to O­° F with optional wind baffle added
  • L-shape condenser coil features copper tubing and aluminum fins
  • Cabinet mounting and construction are designed to withstand 155 MPH
  • Easy interior access to every P-Series unit
Model Specifications
Power Supply Phase, Cycle, Voltage 1 Phase, 60Hz, 208/230V
Minimum Circuit Ampacity MCA 13 Ampere
Maximum fuse size (time delay) MOCP 15 Ampere
Recommended Fuse/Breaker Size 15 Ampere
Refrigerant Type R410A
Oil Type Ether (FV50S)
Charge 2 + 14/16 (1.3)
Control Linear Expansion Valve
Compressor Starter Type Inverter
Type INVERTER-driven Scroll Hermetic
Model SNB130FQCM1
Motor Output 0.9 kW (W)
R.L.A. 12
L.R.A. 14
Fan Fan(drive) x No. Propeller fan x 1
Fan motor output 0.9
Fan Motor 0.35 F.L.A
Airflow Heating 1200 CFM (34 m³/min)
Cooling 1200 CFM (34 m³/min)
Sound Pressure Level Cooling 46 dB(A) *1
Dimensions H x W x D Height 23-5/8 Inches (600 mm)
Width 31-1/2 Inches (800 mm)
Depth 11-13/16 + 7/8 Inches (300 + 23 mm)
Refrigerant Pipe Size O.D. Gas (Low Pressure) 1/2 Inch (12.7 mm)
Liquid (High Pressure) 1/4 Inch (6.35 mm)
Maximum Refrigerant Pipe Height Difference 100 ft. (30 m)
Length 100 ft. (30 m)
Refrigerant Piping Connection Method Indoor / Outdoor Flared / Flared
Voltage Indoor - Outdoor S1-S2 AC 208 / 230V
Indoor - Outdoor S2-S3 DC 12-24V
Defrost Method Reverse Cycle
Protection devices HP switch / thermo
Heat Exchanger Plate fin coil
Product Documents
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