Cooling-only Systems

M-Series AC



Non-INVERTER wall-mounted ductless indoor unit for residential applications. Ideal for applications such as bedrooms, garages, and bonus rooms in warm climates, out buildings and video monitoring room. Rated capacities range from 9,500 to 12,000 Btu/h.

  • Compact side discharge outdoor unit
  • Zone control
  • Quiet operation for both indoor and outdoor units
  • “Powerful Mode” function permits system to temporarily run at a lower/higher temperature with an increased fan speed, which quickly brings the room to the optimum comfort levelThe control board allows an easy connection for a condensate overflow safety switch
  • Wireless remote controller is included
  • Indoor unit powered from outdoor unit using A-Control
  • Automatic restart following a power outage
  • Self-check function — onboard diagnostics
  • Dry Mode function is standard
Model Specifications
Power Supply Phase, Cycle, Voltage 1 Phase, 60Hz, 115V *2
Cooling Rated Capacity 9500 Btu/h (2.78 kW) *1
Total Input 870 W (0.900 kW)
Energy Efficiency SEER 13
Sensible Heat Factor 0.68
Minimum Circuit Ampacity MCA 1.2 Ampere
Maximum fuse size (time delay) MOCP 15 Ampere
Recommended Fuse/Breaker Size 15 Ampere
Refrigerant Type R410A
Airflow Cooling : DRY 183 - 261 - 335 - 367 CFM (5-7-9-10 m³/min)
Cooling : WET 162-233-300-328 CFM (5-7-8-9 m³/min)
Sound Pressure Level Cooling 26-32-40-42 dB(A)
Dimensions H x W x D Height 11-3/4 Inches (299 mm)
Width 30-11/16 Inches (780 mm)
Depth 8-1/4 Inches (210 mm)
Net Weight 23 Lbs. (10 kg)
Refrigerant Pipe Size O.D. Gas (Low Pressure) 3/8 Inch (9.52 mm)
Liquid (High Pressure) 1/4 Inch (6.35 mm)
Field Drainpipe Size O.D. 5/8 Inch (15.88 mm)
Refrigerant Piping Connection Method Indoor / Outdoor Flared / Flared
Operation Conditions - Indoor Intake Air Temperature Cooling - Maximum - DB , WB 95°F (35°C) DB , 71°F (22°C) WB
Cooling - Minimum - DB , WB 67°F (19°C) DB , 57°F (14°C) WB
Operation Conditions - Outdoor Intake Air Temperature Cooling - Maximum - DB , WB 115°F (46°C) DB
Cooling- Minimum - DB , WB 67°F (19°C) DB