Centralized Controller AG-150

  • 9" high resolution color touch screen
  • Up to 50 indoor units can be connected
  • Cool/Dry/Auto/Fan/Heat Auto mode is available with only R2 and WR2 systems
  • Set temperature from 57 degrees F to 87 degrees F depending on operation mode and indoor unit
  • Hi/Mid-2/Mid-1/Low/Auto Available fan speed settings depending on indoor unit
  • Air flow angles: 100 degrees - 80 degrees - 60 degrees - 40 degrees and swing Air flow direction settings vary depending on indoor unit model
  • Individual prohibit operations for each remote controller function (ON/OFF, Set Temperature, Operation Mode and Filter reset)
  • Inputs: Level Signal-Batch Start/Stop, Batch Emergency Stop Outputs: Start/Stop Status, Error/Normal Status
  • Weekly schedule can be set by groups based on operation pattern
  • PAC-SC51KUA Power Supply
Model Specifications

Sorry but there are no specifications available for this product. Please see a product catalog or contact your local sales representative for more information.

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