• EB-50GU-A - The EB-50GU-A Centralized Controller features advanced functionality with expanded monitoring, control, dual set-point and trending abilities. The EB-50GU-A also supports the humidity, occupancy and brightness sensors on the SmartME Remote Controller and
  • AG-150 - Touch-screen and Web-based Centralized Controller
  • TG-2000 - Integrated System Software
  • TC-24 - Touch-screen Centralized Controller
  • GB-50 - Web-based Centralized Controller
  • GB-24 - Web-based Centralized Controller

      • DC-A2IO - The AdvancedHVAC controller features customizable applications for integrating CITY MULTI® indoor units with third party equipment. Physical inputs and outputs can be used for reading sensors and energizing relays. An optional analog output accessory can
      • PAC-YG66DCA - Digital Input Digital Output (DIDO) Control Board
      • PAC-YG63MCA - Analog Input (AI) Control Board