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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Company Statement Regarding Internet Sales of Mr. SlimĀ® Products

The Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Division is committed to providing reliable and innovative mechanical cooling and heating solutions. To support this effort we do not authorize online retail sales of our Mr. Slim air-conditioning and heat pump products for many reasons we will identify here.

Mr. Slim products come in various sizes and need to be configured to the spaces they are to condition. Many factors, in addition to room size, will determine if you are comfortable in your home or office after you have a new comfort conditioning appliance installed.

While buying many types of products over the Internet is now common practice, we maintain that Mr. Slim products must be matched to their intended function by trained HVAC professionals.

Our concerns about Internet purchases of Mr. Slim products are the following:

1. You, the consumer, may base your decision on limited information and may purchase the incorrect products and accessories for your application.

2. You may not enjoy the same level of personal and professional installation and after-the-sale service support unless the product is purchased from an authorized dealer in your area. Installing dealers perform many important services involved with the selection and usage of our products, and those services cannot be provided over the Internet.

3. A trained and experienced HVAC dealer will size our product to meet your specific comfort requirements based on an on-site inspection of your home or office. He will take into account the entire environment of your installation. Improper sizing can lead to improper operation. To prevent this from happening, our authorized dealer will survey your application to ensure that your specific requirements are met. He will verify your needs for:

  • Unit capacity
  • Electrical service
  • Indoor and outdoor unit placement
  • Space usage
  • Control wiring length and placement
  • Length and diameter of refrigerant piping, and placement
  • The indoor (and system) type most appropriate for your application

The only way that you can be certain of full warranty protection and unmatched performance is by purchasing your Mr. Slim product from an authorized dealer.

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC has selected the finest HVAC distributors in the industry to carry Mr. Slim and, working with them, we have assembled the best and most knowledgeable HVAC contractors (our Diamond Contractors) to provide you with the finest sales, installation, and service support possible. We have spent millions putting this team in place to serve you and we highly recommend that you call upon this network as your best and most reliable source for Mitsubishi Electric's high quality and reliable Mr. Slim split-ductless products.


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