New Options Available for CITY MULTI VRFZ Systems

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Suwanee, Ga. - Mitsubishi Electric HVAC, Suwanee, Ga., has added two new indoor units to its CITY MULTI Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) system product line. The new PMFY ductless one-way ceiling cassette model and the PFFY floor-mounted models are now available, according to William Rau, senior vice president and general manager of the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC division.

"With the addition of these two new units to our CITY MULTI product line, we've increased the flexibility of CITY MULTI applications. This greater breadth of products provides for total indoor comfort control," says Rau. "Customers now have more options than ever to address a facility's individual cooling and heating needs."

The PMFY one-way ceiling cassette model provides the right amount of air-flow and capacity for applications that need single direction air flow such as combatting excessive heat from a window ("washing a window") or in a small office area. Also, for areas without room for ductwork or wall-mounted units, the PMFY model is ideal as it requires a shallow ceiling story. With capacities of 8,000, 10,000, 12,000 and 16,000 Btu/h, the PMFY models are perfectly sized to handle the areas that are too small or tight for the CITY MULTI's PLFY four-way air flow models. The PMFY models are capable of bringing in ventilation air and have a factory-built-in lift device with a 23-inch lift capability, which provides additional flexibility in where to place the indoor units.

In fact, according to Rau, the PMFY models have tight dimensions with a grille of 23 5/8 inches by 18 1/2 inches and need less than 10 inches of ceiling height for installation. The new PMFY models are compatible with both the CITY MULTI R2- and Y-Series Outdoor Units and are extremely quiet, with indoor sound ratings as low as 27 dBa (decibels).

The new PFFY floor-mounted models provide great application flexibility for installations that either do not have space above the ceiling or are replacing loud Package Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) or unit ventilators. There are two versions of floor-mounted models: the PFFY-NEMU is called the "floor standing exposed" model because of its excellent exterior finish and suitability for installations that do not need finishwork; the PFFY-NRMU "floor standing concealed" models are designed for jobs where the units are built-in to a limited space under a window or a side wall. The PFFY-NRMU models can be concealed into a closet, cabinet or even a wall.

The two different PFFY versions significantly increase the useablity of CITY MULTI VRFZ systems, says Rau. Not only are both models quiet, with dB(A) ratings in the mid-thirities, they're also small, with a depth of less than nine inches and a height of approximately 25 inches. These compact models are available in six capacities: 8,000, 10,000, 12,000, 16,000, 20,000 and 24,000 Btu/h, depending on the perimeter zone application.

As with all CITY MULTI products, the new PMFY ductless, one-way ceiling cassette units and the PFFY floor-mounted units feature Mitsubishi Electric HVAC's exclusive inverter technology and are easy to install. For more information about CITY MULTI and other Mitsubishi Electric HVAC products, please visit or call 800/687-1966.

About Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division

With headquarters in Suwanee, Ga., Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division is a leading marketer of intelligent air-conditioning and heating technology, manufactured by its parent corporation, Mitsubishi Electric. The division was established in 1980 by Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. to market air-conditioning and heating systems in North America. Since then, the division has expanded its market distribution to include Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda.

The company's product line includes Mr. Slim® split-ductless systems, CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning Systems (VRFZ), compressors, PlasmaPure™ room air purification systems and a full line of accessories for the Mr. Slim product line, including Line-Hide™ line-set covers. For more information on the Diamond Alliance, CITY MULTI, Mr. Slim and the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division, call 800/687-1966 or visit

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