Mr. Slim Inverters Outperform Single-Speed Systems

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Suwanee, Ga. - Pioneering the industry's first 13 SEER split-ductless unit, Mitsubishi Electric HVAC, Suwanee, Ga., offers the Mr. Slim® MSZ12UN model, which provides the most energy efficient split-ductless cooling and heating solution available to the market today, according to Paul Doppel, director of product development.

"When we introduced the MSZ12UN in 2003, we designed it to meet the upcoming 13 SEER requirement set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy. Because of its technology the MSZ12UN uses less energy than single-speed systems," says Doppel. "In addition to the high SEER our MSZ12UN model achieves, it also provides 20 percent higher heating Btu/h performance and reaches the temperature set-point 20 percent faster than single-speed models."

The key to this performance is Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary variable-frequency drive inverter compressor technology. In response to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, the system modulates the compressor speed, thereby reducing power consumption. For extra energy savings the system performs only to the level needed to maintain a constant and comfortable indoor environment.

Once the indoor temperature set-point is reached, less energy is used on a continual basis because the inverter compressor is able to maintain a nearly flat-line idle speed. By comparison, systems comprised of a single-speed compressor must continuously start and stop to maintain the temperature set-point. It is this start/stop process that consumes more energy and also results in temperature swings.

For example, single-speed systems can use as much as 45-50 amps each time they turn on. The MSZ12UN model requires just 2.5 amps when first turned on and six to eight amps to maintain the desired temperature set-point. According to Doppel, this can result in dramatic energy savings.

"This product, as well as CITY MULTI®, a variable frequency zoning system, is a great example of Mitsubishi Electric technology at work," says Doppel. Other benefits include high quality and reliability, quiet operation, the lack of ductwork required, easy installation, versatility and a wireless remote controller. To learn more about the complete line of Mr. Slim split-ductless units, please visit or call 800/687-1966.

About Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division

With headquarters in Suwanee, Ga., Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division is a leading marketer of intelligent air-conditioning and heating technology, manufactured by its parent corporation, Mitsubishi Electric. The division was established in 1980 by Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. to market air-conditioning and heating systems in North America. Since then, the division has expanded its market distribution to include Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda.

The company's product line includes Mr. Slim® split-ductless systems, CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning Systems (VRFZ), compressors, PlasmaPure™ room air purification systems and a full line of accessories for the Mr. Slim product line, including Line-Hide™ line-set covers. For more information on the Diamond Alliance, CITY MULTI, Mr. Slim and the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division, call 800/687-1966 or visit


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