Introducing First Simultaneous Heat/Cool System

Monday, March 15, 2004

Lawrenceville, Ga. -- The HVAC Advanced Products Division of Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc., headquartered in Lawrenceville, Ga., has launched its new CITY MULTI® R2 series, a variable refrigerant flow zoning (VRFZ) system, featuring inverter technology and simultaneous cooling and heating, according to Craig Little, vice president sales and marketing.

"Mitsubishi Electric has been manufacturing CITY MULTI VRFZ systems for nearly 20 years," said Little. "For hospitals, multi-level office buildings and hotels around the world, this technology has proven to be more energy efficient and provides a higher degree of comfort than traditional systems currently on the market in the U.S.

"CITY MULTI VRFZ systems are ideal for various applications because they allow building owners to provide each individual space with its own personalized, zoned comfort system and realize energy savings in the process," Little added.

The key to comfort, he explained, is Mitsubishi Electric's inverter technology, which includes a variable speed compressor for precise comfort control. The invertertechnology varies the speed of the compressor to deliver the exact amount of cooling or heating demanded by each zone. In fact, the layout of CITY MULTI VRFZ systems allows users to cool and/or heat only the spaces occupied, while saving valuable resources that would otherwise be wasted by conditioning air in unoccupied spaces. This unique zoning characteristic maintains a constant and comfortable indoor environment.

The CITY MULTI VRFZ system is a fully integrated system with the proprietary MELANS DDC control system tying together the outdoor unit, the branch circuit (BC) controller, the indoor units, and the remote and central controllers. MELANS stands for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Network System.

Two different outdoor models of the CITY MULTI R2 series are offered: an 80,000 Btu/h unit with up to 15 connectable indoor units; or a 100,000 Btu/h unit with up to 16 connectable indoor units. Both systems can be ducted or ductless. The R2 Series outdoor unit offers a small footprint, measuring only 39 in. x 33 in. Three different indoor models are offered, including wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed and concealed-ducted types. Each indoor unit has a linear electronic expansion valve that enables the indoor units to operate with variable capacity, adding to the overall system efficiency. Multiple controller options for remote or central operation of the individual indoor units or the entire system are also offered.

According to Little, simultaneous cooling and heating operation is made possible through the use of the BC controller, which redirects refrigerant flow between the indoor units and the outdoor unit.

"We selected the CITY MULTI VRFZ system because it is a true heat pump zoning system and has the ability to cool one space and heat an adjacent space at the same time," said Charlie VandenBulck, general partner, Smith & VandenBulck, LLC, Savannah, Ga.

His firm has specified the CITY MULTI R2 Series for a 24,313 square-foot renovated assisted living facility in Savannah, Ga. Especially important to VandenBulck was CITY MULTI's proprietary digital control system that allows users to monitor and conduct regular diagnostic tests. "A gas furnace system was specified in the original building due to cost constraints, but that system proved to be an inadequate solution over time," said VandenBulck.

He is particularly pleased with how quiet the indoor units are, which is ideal for assisted living facilities, hotel rooms, schools and libraries.

"The outdoor units are designed to be placed side by side," said VandenBulck. "With space at a premium, this is a real selling point because we can service the units from the front and the rear," he added.

Installation of the CITY MULTI R2 Series is made easier with just two pipes and non-polar two-wire control connections. There is minimal ductwork to run with the ducted indoor units because the indoor unit is located in the zone with very short duct runs, compared to a central package rooftop unit. And of course, there is no ductwork with a ductless indoor unit. According to Little, this system design means less labor and materials, and a faster and easier installation.

"We've taken Mitsubishi Electric's microchip technology expertise and applied it to the HVAC needs of America's buildings, " said Little. "The solution is a smarter, more efficient cooling and heating system for today's indoor environments."

To support the introduction of CITY MULTI VRFZ systems, Mitsubishi Electric HVAC has premiered its new Diamond Designer recognition as part of the new Diamond Alliance program, which is geared toward engineers and architects interested in specifying CITY MULTI. The program includes comprehensive training sessions to explain Mitsubishi Electric's inverter technology and other unique engineering aspects of the CITY MULTI R2 Series.

According to Little, response from specifiers to the Diamond Designer program has been overwhelming. "Our plan is to invest in upfront training about the HVAC industry's first simultaneous cooling and heating system, recognizing that once specifiers actually experience the comfort and many benefits of the system, they will better understand CITY MULTI's potential to enhance all areas of American indoor life," he said.

About Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division

With headquarters in Lawrenceville, Ga., Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division is a leading marketer of intelligent air conditioning and heating technology products, manufactured by its parent corporation, Mitsubishi Electric. The division was established in 1980 by Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. to market Mr. Slim® split-ductless air conditioning and heating systems in North America. Since then, the division has expanded its market distribution to include Latin America and the Caribbean. The company's product line has also recently expanded to include CITY MULTI, compressors, a full line of accessories for the Mr. Slim line including Line-Hide lineset covers and PlasmaPure room air purification systems.

For more information on CITY MULTI, Diamond Alliance and the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division, or any of its other products, call 800/687-1966 or visit

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