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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Lawrenceville, Ga. - CITY MULTI, the world's first and only simultaneous cooling and heating two-pipe system from Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division, Lawrenceville, Ga., includes the HVAC industry's most sophisticated Controls Network, according to Craig Little, vice president, sales and marketing.

"Each component of the CITY MULTI Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) system, including the outdoor units, Branch Circuit (BC) Controllers and indoor units, is integrated through the CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN) for precise control of the temperature by varying the output of the outdoor unit to match the needs of the indoor space," says Little. The CMCN consists of remote controllers, timers, system controllers, centralized controllers, Building Management System (BMS) interfaces and integrated software that provide advanced, user-friendly control for each zone of a building.

Depending on the facility's requirements, capacity and size, various options are available. The G-50A Centralized Controller controls up to 50 indoor units in terms of site configuration, operation, monitoring, scheduling, and maintenance information. The G-50A Centralized Controller can be connected to a PC to enhance this level of control using a Web browser to locally or remotely control all 50 indoor units. The TG-2000 Software can be installed on a network computer to expand the single-source control from 50 indoor units to an amazing 2000 indoor units such that the building manager can control or troubleshoot on an individual basis, group basis, or on all 2000 indoor units collectively. TG-2000 Software can also be configured to support "Tenant Billing," which can determine the amount of energy consumed within a certain timeframe and generate an invoice by the CITY MULTI system related to their condo or apartment energy consumption. The integrated TG-2000 Software for single-source control of up to 2000 indoor units is ideal for dormatories, hospitals, hotels, schools, apartments and assisted living facilities, Little explains.

According to Little, there are a variety of G-50A packages available. The Base Package includes a G-50A Centralized Controller, the Power Supply (PAC-SC50KUA-F), TG-2000 Software and monitoring and scheduling online software functions. The G-50A Deluxe Package includes all the benefits of the Base Package with additional online software functions, including tenant billing, error e-mail and a maintenance tool. Additional control integration options include the LMAP03U-E LonWorks® interface, BACnet interface, and Mr. Slim P-Series integration using the K-Adaptor.

"There is nothing like the CITY MULTI Controls Network on the market today," says Little. For HVAC contractors, this means easy installation will save time and labor costs because the M-NET communication bus consists of two non-polar wires that are daisy-chained between components. The two-wire non-polar stranded, shielded wire is connected from the outdoor unit to the BC Controller, from the BC Controller to the first indoor unit, and then cascades between indoor units. Dependant on the type of zone remote controller, it can be connected anywhere on the communicatin bus or directly to an indoor unit. Each component of the CITY MULTI VRFZ system is given an address on the M-NET communication bus so the components can quickly communicate operation changes, configuration information, alarms, and much more, he explains.

From the end user's standpoint, the simplicity and convenience of room control via a remote controller is ideal. The remote controllers allow individual users precise control over their environments. Each indoor unit may be controlled by one or two remote controllers, which allow the user to adjust the temperature setpoint, as well as the Heat/Cool operation mode, the fan speed, the vane direction and On/Off. Additionally, an indoor unit can be controlled centrally eliminating the need for a remote controller associated with the indoor unit accounting for zones that require conditioning but may not be occupied. The CMCN can be configured to meet the exact needs of the end user while delivering simple to use yet powerful controls.

About Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division

With headquarters in Lawrenceville, Ga., Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division is a leading marketer of intelligent air conditioning and heating technology, manufactured by its parent corporation, Mitsubishi Electric. The division was established in 1980 by Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. to market Mr. Slim® split-ductless air conditioning and heating systems in North America. Since then, the division has expanded its market distribution to include Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda.

The company's product line has also recently expanded to include CITY MULTI, compressors, PlasmaPure™ room air purification systems and a full line of accessories for the Mr. Slim line, including Line-Hide line set covers. For more information on Diamond Alliance, CITY MULTI, Mr. Slim and the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division, call 800/687-1966 or visit

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